Gayl Murphy is an Award-Winning Hollywood Correspondent!

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Gayl Murphy is media pro.” The Hollywood Reporter

“Gayl is a peripatetic entertainment reporter." Los Angeles Times

“Thanks a million, Gayl. Your reporting worked out very well indeed.” BBC World Service

 “Gayl, great reporting as good as ever!” BBC News, 5Live

“Fantastic insights, great reporting, Gayl.” SKY News, “Sunrise”

 “A dynamic reporter.” Justin Massion, JAM Studios

“Gayl has done thousands of interviews with some of the hottest Hollywood hotshots.” - Cameron Forbes

Gayl Murphy is an award-winning Hollywood Correspondent who is in high demand when breaking entertainment news requiring clear and crisp reporting on the most highly recognized celebrities, films, TV and music stars.

Murphy's fine-tuned newsgathering skills have been sought-after by news organizations worldwide as the go-to reporter who can give fast, accurate story coverage to news outlets, past and present such as: ABC News, SKY News/”Sunrise”, BBC News, 5Live, “Newsday”, BBC World Service, “Good Morning Scotland”, BBC Ireland, BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Asia, ABC Radio Networks, ABC Radio International, ABC TV-Australia, MCM Networking-Australia & UK, Artists Services-Australia & UK, Canadian Broadcast Co., E! Entertainment / The Gossip Show, The Liquid News, APRadio, GMPradioOrg, Sirius Satellite Radio, KFI/LA, Reelz Channel, WENN, Winstar Radio, SFX Radio,,, KROQ, KWST, KLOS, KFWB, CFOX, Sony WorldwideNetworks (News Director), Global Satellite Network,,,, and

Gayl Murphy also has been written about and added reporting and commentary to stories in:, NOW Magazine-Australia, Music Connection, The Daily Beast, Popeater, FOX, Film Review, Irish Times, ROCK Magazine Hollywood Reporter, US Magazine, The Guardian, Performance Magazine, Orange County Register, Career,, The Independent, and and others.

Gayl Murphy has an innate sense of how to connect with an audience, The Hollywood Reporter acknowledged her and calls her a “media pro.” While another inside Hollywood publication, Performance Magazine, described her as  “L.A.’s original on-air radio reporters covering the Hollywood scene from the ground up!"

News happens fast, with so many new and innovating ways of delivering it - Murphy is always ready and able to go “live”, broadcasting with no pre-recorded media packages. She’s known for getting the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in TV and film. Talking about breaking headlines, she digs into news stories exposing the celebrity do-gooders; trending showbiz stories and gets the details on what people are talking about.

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Murphy was one of the very first American entertainment journalists to travel to China to report on the state of popular music and culture. The Los Angeles Times wrote at length about Murphy’s China reporting and affectionately acknowledged for being the “peripatetic entertainment reporter" - both times she traveled there, Murphy says, “I was working at KLOS and ABC News at the time and I was invited to cover a Jan and Dean Tour in China for a month. The band were part of a cultural exchange between the two countries, bringing ‘Surf City USA’ music to the sleeping giant in Beijing, Shanghai and 6 others cities in China. Less then six months after the second tour…student protests erupted at Tiananmen Square and we all know how that went.”

The Los Angeles Times wrote about her again when she went to “The Wall” for rock 'n' roll in Berlin, after she filed a series of radio features on the emerging music scene in a newly reunified Germany as “The Wall” came tumbling down. “The focus of my coverage from the divided city of Berlin was the music scene and the stamped on record stores in West Berlin by musically-deprived East Berliners, to determine what their new found musical freedom would now afford them. And it was called Heavy Metal!”

In addition to news assignments in Beijing, Shanghai and Berlin, Murphy’s travels in search for a great showbiz story have taken her through Europe, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, Costa Rica and Japan. In her on-air career, she estimates she's interviewed more than 15,000+ celebrities in entertainment and business. “When I started in news, if it traveled on an airwave, it was an entertainment story. So I covered everything that required a ticket, or in my case an All-Access Backstage Pass, except for sporting events. Although, I did crash the Olympics in Nagano, Japan with no credentials just to see if I could do it, and I did! It was snowing and freezing, so I was only in Nagano for two days. I slept on the floor in the press building and reported on the ‘celebrity angle’ of the games, so for me it was Michelle Kwan, Tara Lipinski and Wayne Gretsky.

Gayl traveled to the rock‘n roll, star-studded “Japan Aid 2” tour in Tokyo, Japan to cover the U.N. sanctioned concert there with headliners James Brown and Ronnie James Dio. She also produced and wrote and voiced the B-side of  the“Stars” single from the “Hear‘n Aid” charity project organized by Ronnie James Dio.

Murphy's career on-air began in Los Angeles, when she literally talked her way on to the airwaves at KROQ radio on "The Young Marquis Show” as the lovely and talented German dominatrix Greta La Gumbo. After 4 years, she jumped the dial to KWST, where Murphy transformed herself into their "Traffic Tootsie," leaving her black leather corset and stilettos behind in trade for a '57 Chevy. From there she moved across town and settled down at KLOS and ABC Radio News for the next 18 years. At the ABC Radio rock station she created her on-air persona, and L.A.'s first and only On-Air Backstage Concert Reporter was born – as she broadcast “live” from huge rock concerts, festivals, tours, awards shows and entertainment events throughout Southern California, the U.S. and around the world. For ABC News she interviewed and reported on the breaking news in music, film, television and popular culture.

For her contributions in public service, Gayl took top honors with two Finalist Awards from the International Radio Festival of New York competition for her radio documentaries; “The Coming Home: Vietnam Veterans” and “Staying Safe in the Age of the AIDS Epidemic”. She also received a SUNNY Award from L.A. County and the Southern California Broadcasters Association acknowledging her participation in the stations Blood Drive and wrangling musicians and bands to come on air and take part in the annual 3-day event.

Murphy is a card carrying member of two unions: AFTRA, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and SAG: Screen Actors Guild. She’s also a founding member of the BFCA: Broadcast Film Critics Association. She fulfills her non-showbiz public service obligations by sitting on the Board of the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council, and Chair of the Outreach Committee and previously the VP Chair of Planning and Land Use Management Committee, PLUM.


“I love what I do and I’m addicted to their stories.” Gayl Murphy