INTERVIEW TACTICS! is the how-to be interviewed and media training survival guide that lays out the step-by-step power tools you need for going ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE PRESS, CAMERA, MICROPHONE (or any gate keeper) so you can give that KILLER INTERVIEW! What you’ll discover from Interview Tactics! the book and coaching is HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED. And, how to GIVE A KILLER INTERVIEWS! They tell me, it’s “Pure media gold!”   


“Peripatetic Entertainment Reporter!” — Los Angeles Times

“Media Veteran …” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Ace Entertainment Reporter!” — Los Angeles Daily News

“Gayl Murphy is sleeping with the enemy.” — O.C. Register

These challenging times demand invention and ‘re-invention’. In this 24/7 instant-everything, information world, it’s imperative that you have a successful media strategy.

Businesses today must have the same targeted interview tactics that celebrities and superstars in business use to celebritize themselves and their brands, in order to compete and win in this hyper-competitive marketplace! We can no longer think just TV, radio and print to get the word out.

The media is EVERYWHERE! We are our own broadcasters and satellite networks. Power to the people!

  • MASTERING the art of MEETING THE PRESS (or ANY decision-maker).



  • The FOUR MEDIA QUESTIONS you will ALWAYS be asked.

  • Why the media can be your BEST FRIEND or WORST NIGHTMARE.

  • What the HOLLYWOOD’S SUPERSTARS are saying about their INTERVIEW TACTICS!

  • Media: ONLINE and OFFLINE and why they so much the same.

  • Navigating and creating your own TALKING POINTS, SOUNDBITES AND PITCHES.

  • Why there is NO DIFFERENCE between 10 seconds and 140 characters.


  • What you need to know about TV, RADIO, PRINT, ONLINE & FACE-TIME INTERVIEWS!

  • What your BODY LANGUAGE is saying about YOU.

  • The DIFFERENT KINDS of MEDIA…TV, Radio, Print Online and Real time.

  • Becoming a MEDIA DARLING and getting asked back again and again.

INTERVIEW TACTICS is the only HOW-TO interview and media training survival guide that lays out the STEP-BY-STEP power tools you need for GOING ONE-ON-ONE WITH THE PRESS (or any gate keeper) so you can give that KILLER INTERVIEW! Look what else you’ll learn inside INTERVIEW TACTICS

  • What a KILLER INTERVIEW is and how to NAIL IT.

  • How to be SPECIFIC. When to use COLOR and DETAIL.

  • A special “Heads Up!” for “Showbiz” Media Virgins.

  • The best ways to PITCH THE MEDIA to get your message across.

  • The questions you’re allowed to ask in an interview. 


This comprehensive hands-on Interview Tactics! Media Coaching Workbook is designed to enable you to find your story, flush it out, organize it and package it in a way that will have you talking about it like a pro, like you’ve been doing press for years.

“Gayl Murphy is a ‘must-see’ speaker! She’s got the media goods and delivers her Interview Tactics! with wisdom, expertise and laughter … because she lives it.” — Tom Antion, Speaker, Author, Internet Marketing Trainer

Veteran Hollywood Correspondent, Gayl Murphy has interviewed over 15,000 celebrities and newsmakers in her successful broadcasting and news gathering career. In that time, many of Hollywood’s biggest stars have shared their INTERVIEW TACTICS with her, and how they survived the media …

THE HOLLYWOOD “TALK OF FAME”Here’s a sample of what the pros have to say about giving that KILLER INTERVIEW:

John Travolta: “Take the time to be as articulate as you can be. Use communication as a tool to hone in and get a result that you are happy with.” (PAGE 91)

Cameron Diaz: “Because people are complex (you) just have to learn to give what is essential for the interview for whatever it is you’re being interviewed for.” (PAGE 92)

Ray Liotta: I know you’ve got an article to write so I’ve got to be somewhat quotable and a little bit pithy.” (PAGE 97)

Carson Daly: “I know you’re looking for soundbites so I’ll try and make my sentences complete.” (PAGE 106)

“Gayl’s media coaching seminar is a must for anyone interested in any sort of public life or needs publicity for their project. Her book and coaching gives you the tools you need to stand out while not being overbearing. You will learn how the media thinks, how to work with them, and what they need to help you to successfully promote your project or skill. I can directly equate hundreds of successful interviews to Gayl’s Teachings!” — Dr. Dennis W. Neder, Author of Being a Man in a Woman’s World  

INTERVIEW TACTICS! HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED!is the only everything-you’ll-ever-need-to-know-before-you-get-interviewed-primer. Offering hands-on INTERVIEW AND MEDIA SKILLS TRAINING, plus Gayl Murphy’s exclusive “interview and media skills training” and step-by-step instructions for giving that KILLER INTERVIEW every time you set up to a microphone 

Want to check out the Table of Contents of INTERVIEW TACTICS?

It details over 234-pages of GAYL MURPHY’S specially designed media training power tools that will enable you to ‘tell it to sell it’, just like the pros! Each section of INTERVIEW TACTICS is brimming with content-rich interview secrets and carefully laid out success techniques created to equip you with all the media coaching tactics you need to know about surviving the media.

INTERVIEW TACTICS, “THE WORKBOOK” – So, how do you TELL IT TO SELL IT and not get clobbered in the process? It’s INTERVIEW TACTICS to the rescue! The INTERVIEW TACTICS WORKBOOK was expressly created by Gayl for this powerful media training and is designed to give you access to, and put you in sync with, all the media parts of yourself, your story and the mechanics for giving that KILLER INTERVIEW!

And much, much more!


Check out these photographs that are inside the book as well. What would a Hollywood ‘how-to’ be without a sampling of photographs of the celebrities Gayl’s interviewed?


Other photos in the book include out Jimmy Page, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Rudy Giuliani, Tom Selleck, Jay Leno, Morgan Freeman, Van Halen, Michael Palin, Tom Petty, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, John Corbett, Johnny Depp, Elton John, Bono, Ted Nugent, Jonathan Winters, Emilio Estevez and Paula Abdul, Carlos Santana, Billy Jean King, Fleetwood Mac, Ted Dansen, Pink Floyd, Bruce Willis, Bill Cosby and John Mahoney … just to name a few!


Anyone who heads into a media interview without consulting Gayl Murphy first is CRAZY! She knows what the media is after and is an expert at preparing you and your business. I can’t recommend her enough! The bottom line’re great.” – Susan Hamersky, California Concierge


It’s about veteran entertainment correspondent and Hollywood insider Gayl Murphy’s book: INTERVIEW TACTICS! HOW TO SURVIVE THE MEDIA WITHOUT GETTING CLOBBERED! That’s what THE BUZZZ is about!

Having conducted thousands of high profile celebrity interviews in her news and broadcasting career – encompassing TV, radio, print and online – Murphy insists that when it comes to meeting the press, “If you don’t have a clue what you’re supposed to do, what then? The most important thing I can tell you about being interviewed is, ‘You gotta tell it to sell it!’ And if you can’t tell your own story, who will?”

Over the course of her career, Murphy has worked for some of the most well respected news organizations – including ABC News, the BBC NEWS, SKY NEWS, APRADIO, SIRIUS, and E! And, has interviewed many of the biggest celebrities, authors, experts and “movers and shakers” in the world. Murphy concludes that when it comes to doing press.

“Hi Gayl, You are truly are an inspiration! Thank you so much for your book, Interview Tactics. My wife and I started reading it together and couldn’t put it down. With a subject regarding interviewing, we thought it could be a bit boring, but we were so wrong! … Wow, I’m now ready, and won’t be caught off guard when I’m asked to do that next interview. The exercises in the back of the book are what propelled my confidence level, and now I know that I’ll give a great interview next time. Thank you very much for such a easy to read, fun to read and informative book.”— Steve Matrix, CEO,

Murphy acknowledges her goal for INTERVIEW TACTICS is to media coach, train and empower Media Virgins to become successful Media Stars and to “Tell it to sell it” … and win! She says, “With the extension of the Hollywood brand and the proliferation of media, it seems like everyone is being booked for interviews these days. And that’s not exclusive to Hollywood types either, it’s authors, inventors, life-style gurus, celebrity chefs, financial advisers, designers, decorators, lawyers, scientists and do-it-yourselfers. All of whom I call, ‘The Experts Next Door.’ And if they can’t tell it, they can’t sell it.”

“Gayl, I found your book very helpful. FOX NEWS is doing a nationwide story on my company ‘Freedom Laser Therapy’ and thankfully, your book was discovered before my interview happened. I am glad to have found your web site! THANKS!”— Craig Nabat, Freedom Laser Therapy/Ambitious Ideas, Santa Monica, CA