Gayl teaches real-life, real time media tactics for achieving successful TV, radio, print, online, face time and stage time interviews, presentations and interactions. Including: The Red Carpet, networking events, press junkets, one-on-one meetings, pitch-fests, video campaigns for crowdfunding, sales and product presentations, book signings, pitch meetings with gatekeepers, decision makers and investors, Q & A, stage performance for musicians, performers and speakers. Press conferences, movie premiers, product launches and Meet and Greets. All done in workshop and one-on-one of seminar formats.

Gayl has coached talent and executives from The Walt Disney Co., Parsons Engineering, Penguin Books, The XPrize Foundation, Geffen Records, Warner Brothers Records, Gaiam Media, Valley Presbyterian Hospital, NBC TV, Toyota/AutoNation, Nederlander, Violator Mainstar Entertainment, FEARnet, ABC TV, EFG::PR, Sony Pictures, SDU Music, The Buck Institute for Age Research, Tsunami Management, The Welk Music Group, HitMan PR, Columbia Pictures, RoadRunner Records, MSO PR, National Talent Development, Jensen Communications, Rex Management, Laser Shield, Hit@Radio, Stream Sound Records, Boss Lady Entertainment, Luck Media, Celebra Books, Nettwerk Management and BigMediaUSA among others.

With clients going on to successful interviews on such top shows; Good Morning America, Ellen, The Today Show, Nightline, Martha Stewart, CNN, Late Night with David Letterman, Chelsey Lately, E!, FOX & Friends, World News with Diane Sawyer, The Doctors and CNN Morning among many others.

Gayl was hired to coach a team of engineers for a presentational bid worth $57 million dollars. They won it. Thrilled with their success, the company hired her again for a contract renewal and presentation bid worth $27 million. They won that one too. And, for a third a presentational bid worth $35 million, they brought her in again and they won. GAYL WENT THREE FOR THREE for this international corporation! She helped her client win in EXCESS OF $100 MILLION DOLLARS! Her reaction, “I create media messages that make millions!”

Gayl will personally teach you, your client, talent or group how to survive the media without getting clobbered, with the step-by-step interview tactics and techniques you need to successfully pitch the media, meet the press and pitch, or present to any decision maker – to get your message out in a cohesive, succinct and media-savvy way.

Gayl Murphy’s INTERVIEW TACTICS! coaching includes …

Award winning Hollywood correspondent Gayl Murphy, aka THE CELEBRITIZER – has done over 15,000 celebrity and newsmaker interviews in her broadcast news and interviewing career – and she knows better than anyone, that being interviewed is a give and take process, meaning… if you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it. Gayl will teach you, or your talent or your team… what to give and what to take!

  • Uncovering and defining your message, and presenting yourself, talent, team, or group clearly and succinctly…?

  • Creating the Language of the Media: Your Soundbites, Talking Points, Pitches and Takeaways …

  • Navigating Q & A Sessions for Media, Pitch Fests, Networking and Presentations…

  • Speaking, and the importance of listening …

  • Using Body language – and what yours is, or isn’t saying about you …

  • Dodging “Media Bullets” The questions you don’t want to be asked …

  • Working with the press on the Red Carpet, in the boardroom, or to the committee, to move your message forward…

  • Packaging your message so it’s targeted, heard, remembered and repeated …

  • “Cutting to the chase” and knowing when to close …

  • Presentational coaching: reviewing, revising, updating and streamlining existing presentations and performances for individual talent, performers, speakers, celebrities, executives and teams …

Coaching fees vary according to need, the length of the presentation, size of the group and the degree of customization required. As every business and entrepreneur is unique, and one size can’t fit all. Contact Gayl directly for questions, format and what works best for you and your team. Call Gayl’s office at (323) 417-5172 or use the contact form below.

What Clients Are Saying About Gayl’s Media Coaching?

Gayl’s media coaching techniques and performance garner high praise…

“Interview Tactics!’ is a practical guide for prepping talent in the vast arena of movie marketing.” – Columbia Pictures

“‘Interview Tactics!’ is an informative book that gives key pieces of advice to artists on how to survive the media.” — Music Connection Magazine

“Gayl, you did us proud. You’re a ‘wealth of information.’” — NSA, National Speakers Association

“Gayl Murphy’s teaching and her INTERVIEW TACTICS! are a must for anyone who is striving to break thought the brick wall of self-promotion and give great interviews. I loved it and recommend it to all of my entertainment career development clients. Gayl’s INTERVIEW TACTICS! coaching and book, are real assets for anyone who doesn’t want to look stupid when they’re standing on the ‘X’ and the green light turns on!” — Meredith Day, Founder, National Talent Development, LA

“Thanks to Gayl, our team learned to anticipate questions and refine their message. They discovered how to expand an interview to make a key point. Participants also practiced in front of a live video camera with a seasoned interviewer – an experience that one researcher called ‘illuminating.’ Gayl’s INTERVIEW TACTICS! helped enhance the skills necessary for effective print, radio and TV interviews.” —  John L. Colonghi, Buck Institute for Age Research

“What a team! Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work to pull off the proposal and the presentations…what a perfect fit. We left the District with our sincere commitment to supporting them with expertise, continuity and stability,”— Parsons Engineering, Pasadena, CA

“There’s a lot of wisdom in ‘Interview Tactics!’, courtesy of Gayl Murphy, a total pro with boundless spirit.” — Mitch Schneider, President of MSO PR, LA

“Gayl is a fantastic coach. She was instrumental in getting me to define my core message. I’m so glad I obtained her guidance for my interviews. And, she really set the stage for my media campaign as well.” — Ungenita Prevost, Beauty International, LLC, LA

“Gayl, YOU’RE MY HERO! Thank you so much for coaching me! What a great tool in giving me the framework in getting my thoughts together. ‘It’s not about you, it’s about your story. It’s showtime baby!’ Since working with you, I’ve been asked to participate in an interview of some kind or another. Practice Practice Practice.” – Susan Todzy, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

“People get it in seconds, what you do, who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. I love her book, her charisma and her Media Wisdom.” — Julie Bermont, “The Path to Personal Success & Freedom

“All positive feedback from EVERYONE. My artist really needed your help and focus. Thanks for being direct and not just throwing her any slow pitches. I will refer all our artists your way!” – George Nunes, SDUMusic, Nashville

“Anyone who heads into an interview without consulting Gayl Murphy first is crazy! Gayl is an expert at preparing you and your business to face the press and media confidently, with side benefit of honing the skills vital to your everyday business interactions. She’s an expert at preparing you and your business to face the media confidently, with a side benefit of honing skills vital in your everyday business interactions.” – CA Concierge, LA – Susan Hamersky, President, CA Concierge

“Gayl’s expertise and knowledge about marketing yourself in the entertainment business, or any business is priceless.” – Rich Celenze Management

“Thanks for the coaching session. During my entire pitch I stood up, as you suggested. My client ‘heard me’ and I was able to get many of my points across in a short amount of time.” — M. Gonzales, Roadrunner Records

“Gayl, Thank you for getting my artist focused and organized. And, for raising her level of confidence to where it should be.” – Libby Coffey, VP, MSO PR, LA

“Gayl taught my clients to trust. She helped them find the essence of what they really wanted to say. In a Twitter world, she is the pro you want in your corner.” – Roz Wolf, Roz Wolf PR

“After listening to Gayl Murphy I was immediately able to articulate my pitch, so that what I do makes sense to the media and anyone else I encounter.” – Nekisha-Michelle Bakre, MSW, Life Coach

“Before I met Gayl, I went through various programs for doing media, some costing thousands, but all that’s changed. Gayl and her ‘Interview Tactics!’ will forever be my personal Media Bible.” – Sherri Caldwell, Author, “The Rebel Housewife Rules”

“People get it in seconds, what you do, who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. I love her book, her charisma and her Media Wisdom.” — Julie Bermont, “The Path to Personal Success & Freedom

“I can’t say enough in praise of Gayl’s coaching! As a newly published author, I embarked on an amazing journey, from (terrified) Media Virgin to a confident and well-received guest on dozens of radio shows, media interviews, and television appearances.” — Sherri Caldwell, The Rebel Housewife Rules

“Gayl helped me to understand the best way to get my message out to the media is by taking the risk to tell my story ‘my way’ … comfortably!” — Dr. Karin Hart, Ph.D., Inventor of Biniki

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