Read What People Have To Say About Gayl Murphy – Hollywood Correspondent, Creator of “Interview Tactics!” Media Training, Presentational Coaching, Speaker and Book! 

“Gayl Murphy is a media veteran!” — The Hollywood Reporter

“A peripatetic entertainment reporter.” – Los Angeles Times 

“Thanks Gayl, spot on!” –  BBC News 

“Great, Gayl! Just a quick note to say thanks so much for helping us out. It was fantastic to get your insights.” SKY News, “Sunrise” 

“Gayl Murphy is sleeping with the enemy.” Orange County Register 

“Gayl is a dynamic listener and I turn to her to help shape my pitch and messaging every time I start a new project.” Justin Massion, JAM Studios

“I can’t think of a better means of gaining insight into the mind of a good interviewee than with Gayl’s book. Her first-hand experience and vast knowledge of the industry are indeed quite impressive, but it is the manner in which she tackles the subject that makes INTERVIEW TACTICS such a gem. It should be required reading for anyone ever called upon to give an interview.” — Universal Pictures

“Interview Tactics are a practical guide for preparing talent in the vast arena of movie marketing.” – Columbia Pictures

“Anyone who heads into a media interview without consulting Gayl Murphy first is crazy! She is an expert at preparing you and your business to face them confidently, with a side benefit of honing skills vital in your everyday business interactions.” — California Concierge

“People get it in seconds, what you do, who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. I love her book, her charisma and her Media Wisdom.” — Julie Bermont, The Path to Personal Success and Freedom

“Gayl Murphy is the REAL DEAL. She’s media expert and a ‘must see’ speaker!” — Tom Antion, Author, Speaker, Internet Guru

“Gayl was instrumental in getting me to define my core message. She is a delight to work with and a fantastic coach. She came into my life at the right time and I’m so glad I obtained her guidance for my radio interviews. She really set the stage for my media campaign as well. Feel like the Energizer® Bunny! Thank you so much, Gayl, for the push. You will be forever in my heart.” — Ungenita Prevost, Beauty International, LLC, LA

“In a Twitter world, Gayl is the professional you want to work with.” –  Roz Wolf PR

 “Gayl, YOU’RE MY HERO! Thank you so much for coaching me! What a great tool in giving me the framework in getting my thoughts together. ‘It’s not about you, it’s about your story. It’s showtime baby!’ Since working with you, I’ve been asked to participate in an interview of some kind or another. Practice Practice Practice. ” – Susan Todzy, RN., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

“Gayl is a prolific reporter. She’s conducted thousands of interviews of some of the hottest Hollywood hotshots. I got Gayl to sit down with me for a half hour and talk about soundbites and the importance of having a great pitch when doing business online — and boy, am I glad I did!” — Cameron Forbes, Marketing in Minutes

“Using Gayl’s tactics, I’m confident my clients will be armed and ready for the press.” – Rex Mize, Talent Manager, Rex Talent Management, LA

“All positive feedback from EVERYONE. My artist really needed your help and focus. Thanks for being direct and not just throwing her any slow pitches. I will refer all our artists your way!” — George Nunes, SDUMusic, Nashville 

“Gayl taught my clients to trust. She helped them find the essence of what they really wanted to say.” – Roz Wolf, Veteran Entertainment Publicist, LA

“Gayl, Thank you for getting my singer/songwriter artist focused and organized. And, for raising her level of confidence to where it should be.” Libby Coffey, VP, MSO PR, LA

“I was media virgin when I started working with Gayl. I became confident and poised to shine in front of the media. I went out there and nailed it.!” Susie Shina, Author and Fitness Entrepreneur

“Gayl coached me to put my best self out there.” — Catherine Cardinal, PhD, Author of “A Cure for the Common Life 

“For the first time, I was able to get many of my talking points across in a short amount of time.” – Roadrunner Records 

“Gayl Murphy has this uncanny ability for wrangling unruly clients and showing them the way. My PR client went from being an undisciplined know-it-all to the consummate media spokesman.” – Jackie Lapin PR 

“I always recommend Gayl Murphy’s Interview Tactics! coaching and book to our new artists as part of our media training. It helps guide them through the media process so they feel comfortable and confident when doing interviews. There’s a lot of wisdom in these pages, courtesy of Gayl Murphy, a total pro with boundless spirit.” — Mitch Schneider, President of MSO PR

“Gayl, thank you for helping make our NSA SPEAK LIKE A PRO DAY one of the best events in our chapter’s history! The feedback about the program was terrific, and you were an important part in making the day such a success. Your Interview Tactics! session was an integral part of our program and you did us proud! The attendees commented that you were a wealth of information.” — National Speakers Association, San Diego Chapter

“Thanks Gayl, for speaking and for the part you played in making this event such a success. I keep hearing “Ya Gotta Tell It To Sell it!” — Ann DeVere, “Show Host Mastery” and “Access To Experts”

“Gayl Murphy’s book takes you through how to do a good interview. It’s a lot harder than it looks when people fire questions at you, and you have to give interesting and newsworthy answers. I found her book really useful. It made me think a lot about talking to press, and also made me evaluate my goals anmotivations. Well worth a read if you are about to launch yourself, or your band into the “media jungle!” — JustinGuitar.com 

“I got a chance to hear Gayl Murphy speak recently- a wonderful speaker! If you get a chance to hear her, you should. She’s a Hollywood reporter who is a whiz on PR and gaining media attention for yourself and your business.” Liz Ryan, Author, Speaker, CEO and Founder of WorldWIT

“It’s a phenomenal book and Gayl helped us tremendously preparing our pitch to the producers of 48 Hours, Fox News, Montel, Live With Regis & Kelly, The View and Oprah! In 3 minutes Gayl helped us restructure our pitch and our results exploded! She’s better in person! Thanks Gayl you are wonderful.” Theresa Murphy & Dennis Mahoney, Authors of “A Different Ending: Lessons In Violence Evasion”

“Gayl, your 2-day Interview Tactics! Media Coaching Program really took our team of scientists and marketing executives to the next level for doing press. It enhanced our media skills for effective print, radio and TV interviews. Thank you again.” The Buck Institute for Age Research

“I booked Gayl to speak at three of my 2-day media events in the last year and a half, and all I can say about how she handles the front of the room is: Gayl Murphy is an awesome speaker!” Susan Levin, Speaker Services

“Gayl Murphy puts the shoe on the other foot and talks about how to do a dynamic interview.” — Robert Buford, Broward Community College 

“I’ve been a life coach for many years and always found it awkward to explain the value and precise services I provide that would make others interested. After listening to Gayl Murphy on radio immediately I was able to articulate what I do so that it makes sense to the media and anyone else I encounter. I super-size the happiness of celebrities, entertainers and entrepreneurs. Thank you Gayle for helping me articulate my pitch.” — Neikisha-Michelle Bakre, Life Redesign Queen

“Interview Tactics! is an informative book that gives key pieces of advice to artists on how to survive the media.” – Music Connection Magazine

“The last session of the PODCAST AND PORTABLE MEDIA EXPO was definitely the most fruitful for me. Killer Interview Tactics! with Gayl Murphy was a tough look at how podcasters do interviews, and she didn’t hesitate to tell us that many of the things we do now are wrong. I viewed it as constructive.” — Martin McKeay, Network Security Blog

“On Friday night of the WOMEN. INSIGHT. TECHNOLOGY. Conference I heard the wise and hysterical (I mean hysterically funny) keynote speaker, Gayl Murphy, Hollywood Reporter, share wisdom about media and job-search interviews, and her mantra YA GOTTA TELL IT TO SELL IT is right on!” — The Business Mom

“If you truly want to develop your interview skills, invest in Interview Tactics! It has successfully guided me through 65 radio and 12 TV interviews this year. I have looked around and there is nothing better.” — James Green, If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned

“Gayl’s media coaching seminar is a must for anyone interested in any sort of public life or needs publicity for their project. Her book and coaching gives you the tools you need to stand out while not being overbearing. You will learn how the media thinks, how to work with them, and what they need to help you to successfully promote your project or skill. I can directly equate hundreds of successful interviews to Gayl’s Teachings!” — Dr. Dennis W. Neder, Author of ” Being a Man in a Woman’s World.”

“Gayl’s Interview Tactics! have influenced me tremendously in how I present myself professionally as well as life in general. Interview Tactics! is a polished version of today for “Know thyself”. The component Gayl has mastered in Interview Tactics! is “tooling”, a means to clearly begin the process of a laser strong personal production. Her book taught me how to present dramatic self-knowledge with precision. And, the Interview Tactics! Workbook worked like a rocket for me!” — Victoria Schiffer-Wall, Conqueress

“I owe a great deal to Gayl Murphy and Interview Tactics! — and I can’t say enough in praise for Gayl! As a newly published author, I embarked on an amazing journey, from (terrified) Media Virgin to a confident and well-received guest on dozens of radio shows, media interviews, and television appearances. Of all that I went through, including various media training programs, coaching, and preparations, some costing thousands of dollars, Interview Tactics! remains my personal media Bible.” — Sherri Caldwell, Author/Columnist/Reviewer. The Rebel Housewife Rules: To Heck With Domestic Bliss!

“Gayl Murphy’s “Interview Tactics! How To…” is a must for anyone who is striving to break through the brick wall of self-promotion and give great interviews. I loved it and recommend it to all my entertainment career development clients. I can get my clients into the spotlight, but I can’t speak for them, Gayl’s Interview Tactics! are a real asset to anyone who doesn’t want to look stupid when they’re standing on the X and the light turns on!” — Meredith Day/Founder, National Talent Development

“Gayl helped me to understand that the best way to get my message out to the media is by taking the risk to tell my story ‘my way’ … comfortably! I realize now, the interviewer wants me to be successful too, so we are on the same side.” — Karin Hart, Ph.D. Inventor of Biniki

“Gayl’s advice YOU GOTTA TELL IT TO SELL IT! is right on. I’m starting a small business, and by following her ‘Murphy’s Laws’ I am thinking in detail, color and my story has the energy to take me to the place I want to be.” — Sylvia R. Rios/Founder UrbanChicas.com

“Interview Tactics! is a great roadmap for someone who is uncomfortable, or unfamiliar with dealing with the media. Its a very valuable guide to the uninitiated.” — Steven. M. Cron ­ Law Offices of Cron, Isreals & Stark

“Thanks for the great coaching session. I have been working on my media skills and I feel I had a real breakthrough, although I know I need to continue the work. You are really quick and articulate about what needs to be done and I appreciate your help.” — Jannel Rapp, Gina For the Missing

“I’ve worked with Gayl Murphy a lot and I really like her style. Gayl is far more concerned about ‘outcome’ in her approach to media training, than making sure that her student has a ‘method.’ – David Nemer.” J-NEX Media

“Thanks for the coaching session. During my entire pitch I stood up, as you suggested, and my client heard me and I was able to get many of my talking-points across in a short amount of time. I am going to make this work and I will make myself and you proud!” — Roadrunner Records

“What a team! Thank you so much for all your efforts and hard work to pull off the proposal and the presentation–what a perfect fit. We left the District with our sincere commitment to supporting them with expertise, continuity and stability!” — Parsons Engineering

“I recently heard Gayl speaking in Los Angeles and was enthralled and entertained by a wealth of great and practical advice. Her talk ended far too soon, she had the entire audience wanting more.” — Frank Furness, Speaker, Sales Trainer & Author, London, England

“We very much appreciate your expertise on behalf of the members of IWOSC. Your presentation was a big success. The information was presented clearly, and you answered the questions beautifully. The feedback is excellent.” — Independent Writers of Southern California

“Thanks again for all your help in making our media training presentation a success. The guys enjoyed the session and your questions — they’re ready to take on the press!” — Elevation Sports & Entertainment

“While attending Dottie Walter’s Magnificent Marketing Symposium, I met Gayl Murphy. Who is Gayl Murphy? She is a highly acclaimed Hollywood interviewer and the author of the book, Interview Tactics! Gayl’s theme is YOU GOTTA TELL IT TO SELL IT! And I can’t agree more!” — Coach Paul Lawrence Vann, Laurel Wreath Communications Inc.

“Thank you Gayl, you extracted so many talking-points from me in 5 minutes, what I have been searching for for years. Your sincerity really touched my heart.” — Vicki Sylvain, The Great American Clean Up.

“Interview Tactics! is sensational. I read it from cover to cover and delivered a kick-butt interview. The host of the show even thanked me for making her job easy.” — Dr. Lin Morel, Healthy Life