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From: Gayl Murphy is The Celebritizer!™ in Hollywood, CA. USA

Dear Current & Future Media Star,

Are you ready to take what you have to the next level? Are you pitching, or promoting a new company, product, service, business, book, movie, website, startup, CD, seminar, video, DVD, job promotion, innovative design or invention you want to tell the world about it? What a great position to be in. BRING ON THE MEDIA! 

Are you ready to “network it” and “pitch the media” so you take advantage of all the free publicity and chatter about you? Are you ready for your TV, radio, print, online, face time, real time and stage time interactions, interviews and meetings? Sure you are … NOT!!!

If you’re a CEO, showbiz pro, author, expert, entrepreneur, webceleb, techceleb, or creative business decision-maker, then you know you might as well be putting your head in the lion’s mouth when it comes to talking to the media, using social media or networking with important decision makers.

Gayl Murphy is “The Celebritizer”

Hollywood Correspondent, Media Expert, Speaker and Author!


As a Hollywood Correspondent, I’ve successfully interviewed over 15,000 of the biggest celebrities and newsmakers in the world, and the truth is; your business, product or service can’t speak for you – nobody can. Meaning, you’re the only one that can truly TELL IT TO SELL IT™! 

But, what if you don’t know how to bring your story to life, or pitch the media? Then what happens to all those opportunities? Press conferences? Corporate presentations? One-on one meetings? Red Carpets? Networking opportunities? Along with the legions of eager viewers, listeners, fans, customers, clients and readers around the world who want their own inner-view of you? What then?

Well, I would say you’re pretty much “media roadkill” before you even open your mouth to say, “Uhhhhhhhhhhh!”

As a Media Expert I can tell you first hand, one of the best marketing tactics for turning up the heat, and adding media exposure for your book, product, service, company, movie, project, enterprise or invention is, working with and using media – and knowing how to clearly and concisely say “who you are and what you do” each and every time you need to.

Doing successful TV, radio, print, online interviews, videos and getting as much media coverage and chatter as you possibly can, because those famous ‘fifteen minutes’ can make you a STAR — that is, if you’re prepared and have the interview tactics you need to tell your story in a way that media will use it and share it.

“What’s could be worst than staring down 140 characters and you don’t know what to say?” 

“INTERVIEW TACTICS is a must read for anyone in the professional services or political arena. This book along with Gayl’s insightful media and presentational coaching provides a blueprint for developing a concise message as well as how to be a proactive interviewee. If you’ve ever felt like you were at the mercy of a reporter, Interview Tactics! will get you on solid ground.” — Mo Hayes, Parsons Engineering 


So the big question is, will YOU be ready for the SPOTLIGHT when YOUR big break comes? Are you at this moment media savvy enough, poised and skilled enough to tell your story in soundbites of 10-seconds, or less (if need be) when a reporter, interviewer or decision maker asks you questions about about your movie, book, product, business, service, music, company, website, seminar or invention? Are you?

If your answer is anything less than an enthusiastic YES!, then you’ve come to the right place because that’s what INTERVIEW TACTICS! MEDIA COACHING is all about!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from interviewing world-famous celebrities, newsmakers and experts of all kinds is, you’ll never be able to tell the world about who you are and what you’ve accomplished, if you don’t have the interview tactics and media skills it takes to package, and tell your story in a way that people will remember you, and want to tell their friends and colleagues about you. Take it from this expert, if you can’t tell your own story, who can? And, who will?

“Gayl, your 2-day Interview Tactics! Media Coaching Program really took our team of scientists and marketing executives to the next level for doing press. It enhanced our media skills for effective print, radio and TV interviews. Thank you again.” — The Buck Institute for Age Research, Navato, CA

We live in a soundbite culture and our attention spans are under attack 24/7 from information, technology and advertising overload. How will you compete in this “information free-for-all” and be heard about the roar of the crowd? Great question…let me tell you …

“I can’t think of a better means of gaining insight into the mind of a good interviewee than with Gayl’s book. Her first-hand experience and vast knowledge of the industry are indeed quite impressive, but it is the manner in which she tackles the subject that makes INTERVIEW TACTICS such a gem. It should be required reading for anyone ever called upon to give an interview.” — Universal Pictures

Consistently, I’ve worked with business people just like you, who want to tell their story in a way that will grab people’s attention and imagination — but, they don’t know how to access the kind of “insider training and information” it takes to do it successfully. Having done all the heavy lifting for you, I’d like to share my Interview Tactics! with you now.

INTERVIEW TACTICS! Media Training and Presentational Business Coaching transforms Media Virgins into Media Stars! Having an arsenal of Interview Tactics! is about being media savvy in any situation that requires you to step up, respond to questions, telling you story, peaking your listeners’ interest and wrap it up in 10 seconds or less, because sometimes that’s all you’re going to get. Because “when the going gets tough, the tough use the media!” And, that needs to be YOU!

“Interview Tactics!” is in the TOP 20 BUSINESS BOOKS of 2010 as part of the San Francisco Examiner’s outreach to entrepreneurs, asking “What business books have made such an impact, that you found it so profound, it changed the way they do business? These books can be powerful tools for you to build, develop and grow your business.”