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After years in the corporate world, “corporate guy” JP, like a lot of other refuges from “Planet Corporation” was looking for a way to reinvent himself, transition and jumpstart his career.

JP posted this question on my on my LinkedIn group  “Successful Media Interviews”

 “Hi there, after so many years in corporate world, How can I jump into the Media Industry and become a Web/TV/Radio host? What would you advise me? Warm regards, JP”

Great question JP. It’s one I get frequently. I even wrote a book called “Interview Tactics!” that talks at great length about reinventing yourself and your career, with a 5-part workbook to get you there.

Even if you’re not taking the drastic step of a career change and you’re reading this, you can use this advice in ANY situation where you need to organize and prioritize whatever you’re working on, so you can get clear and concise about who you are, what you’re working on, what you do and what’s next for you. 

Without knowing JP personally, his skill set, area of expertise, why he’s moving on, or what part of “Planet Corporation” he owned real estate in; shape shifting one’s career and reinventing yourself transcends location. So, here’s what I told him.

“Expertise and Celebritize! Reinvention is a journey. Take some time with no distractions; phones, email or texting and answer the questions in Group 1 :


1 – What IS my skill set? Dig DEEP and lay it out! Make a list.

2 – What are the “tricks of the trade” and “rules of the road” methodologies I’ve learned in the corporate world? Write them down and give them names.

3 – How can my skills translate into tools for other businesses?

5 – What are those businesses?

6 – Who is the target market and audience I want to reach? Dig DEEP. Make a list and lay it out.

7 – Who are am I sharing my expertise with? Be specific.

8 – Who are these people and what do they do?

9 – What exactly do I want them to know about what I  know? I’m a pro? I’m an expert? A consultant? Dig DEEP and make a list.

10 – What is my mission and message to the world?

11- How do I want people to know me, and what do I want them to be saying about me? Be specific.

If you’ve gotten this far, well done! Next, review your answers and using a highlighter, highlight what jumps out at you. Now answer the Group 2 questions:


12 – Who ARE you? Really? (In relation to what we’re talking about here.)

13 – What will you SELLING? What IS it?

14 – Why would someone want hear about you, or buy what you’re selling?

15 – What problem does what you do solve for THEM?

16 – How can people find you?

By completing this task, which could take a month if need be, you’ve created the roadmap of your next destination. You’ve also produced your “talking points” – the subjects and topics you will talk about each and every time you say, who you are and what you do.

In my book, “Interview Tactics!” I have a 5-part workbook that walks you through this process, so you might want to check that out and get Free Interview Tips while you’re there.

I hope this is helpful to you JP. Keep in touch and send postcards!”